The skin, especially that of the face, is the one most prone to structural failure caused by free radicals, the primary causes of skin aging, and to run to the protections in an effective way is necessary, if you want to have a young and fresh face.

To do this, we have so many products from all the brands, but today we want to talk about what we think is one of the best on the market: Collamask.

It is a revolutionary anti-age treatment that guarantees surprising results. A beauty mask, composed of natural ingredients alone, that nourishes the skin deeply giving new youthfulness and firmness to the face.

So if you want to fight against facial aging by eliminating existing wrinkles, or if you want to prevent their appearance, the Collamask mask is the solution for you. In a short time the stripes will be flattened, the skin will be fresh, toned, elastic; in a word it will be young.

To understand how Collamask succeeds in doing all this, let's try to know it better, see how it is composed and what the benefits it brings to the skin are.

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The Collimask anti-wrinkle mask is contained in a 75 ml bottle and consists of only natural ingredients, so there are no parabens, vaseline or dyes that can harm your health. It is suitable for all skin types so that it can be beneficial to everyone.

Inside it we find:

The passage of time leaves signs on the skin, so it is good that products and treatments are available to curb skin aging, especially on the face. Collamask is a anti-wrinkle mask specially designed for this purpose. It is effective and safe because it contains only natural products and has been tested several times for its high quality, and industry experts also recommend the use of Collamask.

Collamask's moisturizing action is guaranteed by the presence of all the ingredients we have just mentioned. With constant use, the skin will be deeply moisturized, well nourished and all blemishes will disappear. The wrinkles will be smoothed and flattened, the skin will acquire radiance and freshness.

The Collamask anti-wrinkle mask has an astonishing anti-ageing effect and is able to erase the signs of aging on the face, attenuate expression folds and eliminate skin dryness.

It should also be added that Collamask is a versatile mask, suitable for all skin types, and for each of them it is able to perform as much as possible the action it needs.

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To achieve the maximum moisturizing effect, the Collamsk face mask must be applied three times a week using this procedure.

After the mask, the skin will be deeply moisturized and nourished. You will feel a pleasant sensation of freshness and firmness, wrinkles will gradually disappear to give way to an elastic and nourished skin. The results will be visible after two weeks.

The Collamask face mask has been subjected to numerous tests, not performed on animals, which have shown that its action is effective and the results are guaranteed.

It is, as we have said, completely natural, which means that no side effects have been observed and there is no contraindication in use.

It is understood that, if there are previous allergies to one of the ingredients, although natural, it is advisable not to use the product.

If in doubt, it is best to try the skin's reaction to contact with the mask by applying some of the product to a small portion of the skin, if there is no redness or irritation, you can proceed to face treatment with extreme peace of mind.

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Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease in children and adults. Unfortunately, it reappears again and again and thus represents a lifelong struggle. Sometimes there are genetic factors, but it also occurs unexpectedly. This skin disease is not only noticeable through pain and itching, but is also quite visible. It cannot be cured completely, but there are symptom-relieving remedies. One of these is psorilax. Let's take a closer look at the product.


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Psorilax is a cream against psoriasis. It gradually relieves all symptoms and relieves itching. Experts warn that 4% of the world's population is affected by psoriasis. It mostly affects young people for whom it represents both physical and psychological suffering.

Psorilax is a natural product that can be used at any time. You can expect good results if you combine it with other traditional methods. Herbal medicinal products have no side effects and are therefore of considerable help. So why shouldn't you try it?

The manufacturer promises to produce initial results after the first application.

Particularly noteworthy is the product composition. As described above, the product contains carefully selected natural ingredients.

Sunflower seeds are widely used in nutrition, cosmetics and medicine. There are up to 60 types of sunflowers. Sunflower seeds contain high-quality proteins and fats. They also contain vitamin E, which protects your skin. No wonder that sunflower seed oil is an important ingredient in this psoriasis remedy.

Glycerine is a widely used substance in the cosmetics industry. It is often used in moisturizers, ointments, soaps, shampoos and toothpaste. It can even be found in chewing gum and medical products. It has an antibacterial and healing effect and penetrates deeply into your skin within a few minutes.

Almond oil is extremely pleasant on the skin. Due to its fineness, it is widely used on sensitive and delicate skin. It is one of the richest vegetable oils. It reduces inflammation and regulates the function of the sebaceous glands. It has a very calming effect.

Lactic acid moisturizes the skin and improves its elasticity. It is very suitable even for dry skin. It has a strong antioxidant effect and contains valuable minerals and vitamins. It strengthens the effect of antioxidants.

Urea is the final product of protein breakdown. It tightens the skin, relieves itching and pain.

The manufacturer claims that psorilax relieves symptoms and at the same time acts as a prevention against the recurrence of the disease.

The cream should also be applied to clean skin, preferably cleansed with lukewarm water and thoroughly dried. Apply a thin layer of the cream and wait as long as possible. Psorilax has no side effects, it is non-greasy and is quickly absorbed.

The product can only be ordered on the manufacturer's website. It is not yet available in pharmacies. Fill in your contact details in the fields provided and a company representative will contact you to answer your question and receive your order. You will pay after delivery of the goods.

Product reviews are generally positive. Users praise the product. Positive ratings can be found in well-known online discussion forums. We were impressed by the high quality of the composition, and it is also good for your health. So we can definitely recommend it.

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We learned about Detoxic (we thanked Marcin from Zielona Góra), who according to the manufacturer ensures that the organism is purified of parasites, and in fact literally "worms". We are also expected to have clinically proven efficacy. We are very pleased with this. Products whose efficacy has not been confirmed by studies are usually ineffective. There are no compromises in terms of caring for the body. You must take all your actions wisely, with patience and, above all, without invasive effects on your body. Health is the most precious thing in every human being's life. You should take care of it no matter if you are doing extreme sports, lose weight or if you are going to get rid of toxins and parasites.

A message from Marcin:

Welcome. Could you take a look at the detoxic product and write a few words about it? I found him while searching for various herbs. People often ask questions about it, but there is not much to be learned. Where did he come from in the forums?


Marcin, Zielra Góra

The article on effective cleansing of the organism on our website is located here: The mission of weight loss: Effective cleansing of the organism

Just? Are you looking for an answer to this question? It will be very easy to find an answer, as the manufacturer reports that he has gathered more than 3.5 million views. From the first information, we learn that the supplement is in the form of pills.

If you are dealing with a parasite agent, it is worth checking the appropriate organisations that deal with parasitology (science about parasites in nature). Visit the website of the Institute of Parasitology, which has been operating for 65 years now, and then you only get more interesting because we find the information on our own... On the homepage we are greeted by the headline: NOTE ON DETOXIC, and here is what you can read in this message:

I declare with full responsibility that the Institute of Parasitology named after him. Witold Stefa?ski PAN did not participate in the development of anti-parasitic drug DETOXIC.

The contents of the "Polish medical blog" website do not correspond to the current state of knowledge.

In addition, I would like to inform you that the National Institute of Parasitic Diseases is not included in any list of scientific institutions operating in Poland. Witold Stefanski PAN.


It sounds very disturbing at the very beginning! Of course, the content is copied, we give its source. We have included such a serious message from the institute, without intentional modification- in order to avoid possible understatements or misinterpretations.

We are very disappointed and worried by the fact that we encounter such information on greeting.

At the time of writing this text, we cannot verify the Detoxic tablet information in the Sanitary Inspectorate's register, as the website has not been available for several hours. We will update this information when you can connect to the service and view its resources.

Update 18-04-2017: Detoxic is not in the register. 

As we mentioned earlier, we should expect a great deal of opinion about the product. Nothing could be more wrong. Both Polish and foreign-language websites cannot find anything about the effects of using these tablets. Unfortunately, we cannot answer your question as well as Marcin's, because we have not found such information. Try finding the information yourself. We would be happy to complete the information on Detoxic. Write to us via the contact form and provide the source of information.


The manufacturer's website is available in many languages throughout Europe. Only the Polish and Greek authorities report that the product has collected 3.5 million opinions. Other countries do not see this information. 

We have 3 items with the following description of their operation. According to the manufacturer, their characteristics are as follows:

Actual and known properties of these ingredients:

The remaining 20 ingredients are not specified. This is a big downside, because apart from the fact that we don't know the proportions of the above ingredients, we don't really know what Detoxic tablets are all about. 

We did not find Detoxica images in higher resolution than those on the manufacturer's website. This made it impossible to read the full composition of tablets for body purification.

No information available. On the manufacturer's website you will only find information that the tablets remove parasites during one treatment. In addition, the symbol "30" appears, which suggests that the recommended consumption of tablets will allow for a month of use. These are of course assumptions.

The manufacturer sells the product at a price of PLN 400 per package, and the current promotional price decreases it to PLN 200, but this offer refers to a limited number of packages.

Update: (22 April 2017) As Mrs. Ilona Bokowska from Wroc?aw rightly pointed out to us: the price for the product is given free of tax. After filling in the form