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The Green Coffee Bean Pure is a widely advertised dietary supplement that promises to do "miracles" and help you lose many pounds in a matter of days.

On the Green Coffee Bean Pure website it is claimed that 97.6% of the people who used it lost more than 10 kilos in 4 weeks. Also, on the Green Coffee Bean Pure website, many testimonies are presented by people who claim to have lost between 14 and 35 kilos in just a few months.

But is Green Coffee Bean Pure so effective?

According to information on its website, the main ingredient of Green Coffee Bean Pure is green coffee bean extract with at least 50% chlorogenic acid.

In addition, it contains the following ingredients:

The recommended dosage for Green Coffee Bean Pure is 1 tablet per day before breakfast or as recommended by your doctor.

Each pack of Green Coffee Bean Pure contains 30 tablets, sufficient quantity for one month.

The Green Coffee Bean Pure website does not provide information on any side effects of use.

Green Coffee Bean Pure is not available for sale in pharmacies or herbal medicine in Italy. You can buy it only from its website. The order is shipped by courier and delivered within 1-3 working days.

A pack of Green Coffee Bean Pure costs 38 euros. The two bottles cost 66 euros, the three bottles cost 89 euros and the four bottles of Green Coffee Bean Pure cost 112 euros. Shipping is free of charge. Payment is made in cash on delivery.

According to information on its website, Green Coffee Bean Pure provides a 60-day refund guarantee. The request for refund or cancellation of the order can be made by e-mail and the company reserves the right to refuse it, if it believes that such a request is unreasonable.

The Green Coffee Bean Pure is a dietary supplement that you should avoid. It does not provide clear information on the quantity of ingredients contained. It is one of the most expensive supplements based on green coffee extract.

The supplement contains Svetol, which is a special extract of green coffee. Svetol is the richest chlorogenic acid green coffee extract. And it is the high chlorogenic acid content of Svetol Green Coffee that is responsible for its effectiveness. Svetol Green Coffee contains 50% chlorogenic acid.

Recent research has shown that daily 400mg Swabl intake of Swablis daily can help to laugh 5.7% weight within 60 days. This means, on average, 5 kilos in just two months. NON MALE!

Svetol Green Coffee is produced by Evolution Slimming. Each bottle contains 60 green coffee capsules. Take 2 capsules daily. One in the morning and one in the evening, 30 minutes before meals.

Svetol Green Coffee is not available in pharmacies in Italy. It is available only from the official Evolution Slimming online store.

Only one bottle of Svetol Green Coffee costs only €30. With the purchase of more than one bottle, the price drops by up to 25%. So the cost for 3 bottles of Svetol Green Coffee is only 71 €. This means that Svetol Green Coffee will cost you less than € 0.70/day.


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