Common Cold Cure? Virus Destroyed Without Drugs

Is there really a common cold cure? The common cold is the most widespread and prevalent of all human diseases, striking as many as 200 times in the average lifetime

Colds often last from four days to two weeks bringing the more than twenty miserable symptoms we’ve come to associate with colds and flu. Influenza also just happens to be the 5th greatest cause of deaths due to illnesses worldwide.

Traditionally, there has been no common cold cure or prevention for this disease. However, exciting, new, scientific evidence, resulting from an accident during research with polio virus, has suggested a simple, yet effective, procedure that anyone can use to actually destroy invading cold virus, for the first time. Children routinely catch three times as many colds as adults.

Doctor went on to study medical journals and scientific papers, published over the last 124 years. Of major importance were specialist research findings from USA, UK, Japan and Denmark, spanning the last 3 decades.

I have not suffered from a cold in the past five years since I have been using the procedure described by Dr. Dän Lee Dimke.

Chris Vermeulen, Johannesburg, South Africa

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I am pleased to report that many of these doctors are now sharing these techniques with their patients. The large body of published medical evidence that you have used to so thoroughly document the process gives it the credibility it needs to be accepted by other medical professionals.

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Carrie Jane Loftis — Lozanov Learning Institute, Dallas, TX, USA

After listening to the audio program, I am now armed to put the cure into action the instant I need it. I recommend everyone try the methods in Conquer the Common Cold.

David Miskimin, Cheshire, UK

There is no doubt there will be another pandemic…The number of people affected will go beyond billions because between 25 percent and 30 percent will fall ill…Pandemics occur when a completely new flu strain emerges for which humans have no immunity…An influenza pandemic will spare nobody. Every country will be affected…

Klaus Stohr, World Health Organisation WHO Global Influenza Program, Source CNN

Remember the flu vaccine can offer you an impressive 60% to 80% protection factor (that’s just if you’re healthy, high risk groups like children and the aged is far lower) – but why wouldn’t you want an extra edge? – perhaps as high as 90%! In addition the flu vaccine cannot protect you against the myriad cold viruses.

Considering the chaos of previous years, what do you think is going to happen if the avian flu strikes this year, or next?

Some scientists are so concerned about the possibility of an imminent killer-flu pandemic they have family stockpiles of antiviral drugs, just in case…
A particularly virulent strain of avian flu, known as H5N1, has already killed more than 60 people in four Asian countries since 2003…Such a virus is suspected to have caused the 1918-1919 influenza outbreak which killed about 40 million people – 1.5 per cent of the world’s population at the time…

We’re closer to a flu pandemic than we have been for many years…If it happens in Beijing today, it’ll be in New York tomorrow…

Prof Mackenzie, a member of the World Health Organisation’s Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network. 23 Sept. 2005 Update. Source “The Age”

I sincerely hope this report helps you and your family in making an educated and informed choice. Do make sure you decide on the most effective method for defeating the common cold and flu. All the best of health and wellness.

Arthur Craig Miller

You can enjoy and appreciate the dedicated work conducted by Dr Dimke. He acknowledges the contribution of some the world’s finest doctors and scientists research into the common cold cure; influenza and cold symptoms, over more than 3 decades.

Hear how he unravels centuries old scientific research, and even explores the discoveries of the ancients and reveals to you one of the ultimate health solutions for our modern age.

Are you keeping your eyes and ears on the news? Are you watching CNN and the BBC?

This is one life choice or decision you do not want to ignore, or leave to the last minute. I make no apologies for being brutally frank and straightforward – this single product may save you and your family. You may free yourselves from dependence on cold and flu drugs and medications for the rest of your lives. Trust me – I speak from personal experience…

I, like most people thought the common cold and flu wonder pill would arrive after years of high cost lab research…How wrong I was…I became my own test subject after a major accident destroyed my upper respiratory immune system, and left me without a sense of smell…I was cursed with colds and flu for 3 or 4 months a year…

Dr. Dän Lee Dimke – Conquer the Common Cold and Flu – Future World Corporation CEO