Has A Real Common Cold Cure And Influenza (Flu) Treatment Finally Been Discovered?

The cold is a respiratory infection caused by any one of more than 200 different viruses, making the discovery of an effective treatment or vaccine an enormous challenge

At the beginning of infection, the cold and influenza symptoms appear almost identical. The flu can go on to be more severe, and of course sadly kill.

The medical establishment at large has always claimed that the common cold cure is still stumping scientists, however there are a number of research scientists and doctors that believe a “new” procedure heralds a simple, drug-free method to kill cold virus and flu virus.

This medical breakthrough happened by accident during polio virus vaccine research.

No one can make a definitive cure claim due to the “cure” definition as imposed by the American Medical Association (AMA), however this simple, self-administered drug free procedure may possibly be the ultimate home remedy for the cold and flu.

No drugs, miracle foods, lozenges or supplements are involved. Just a simple, safe, easy and inexpensive drug-free natural procedure that works in only 3 minutes, and destroys common cold and influenza (flu) virus. It actually kills the invading virus, and does not just mask and suppress symptoms like most medications.

Doctor Dimke went on to study medical journals and scientific papers, published over the last 124 years. Of major importance were specialist research findings from USA, UK, Japan and Denmark, spanning the last 3 decades. For the benefit of physicians, chiropractors, and other medical professionals, a detailed bibliography of the extensive medical and biophysical research behind the procedure is also included in standard Index Medicus format.

There are astonishing stories about this radical potential cold cure and flu cure.

Users claim that the pain and often agony of cold symptoms and flu symptoms disappear in just 3 minute cycles. This is safe for anyone to use. Supervise children carefully, and you will be amazed at the gentle yet dramatic results in just 3 minutes — Proven, scientific effectiveness against both the rhinovirus and coronavirus and myriad diseases.

Cure for the common cold? Ultimate cold and flu defense? Effective natural bird flu treatment? Perhaps even a bird flu cure? Why not investigate Conquer the Common Cold and Flu and decide for yourself?

Scientists have discovered that the bird flu virus is heat sensitive, which may be great news for users.