Sharp Throat Pain

Sharp pain in the throat may usually occur when you have an infection and may gradually increase to become a sore throat or a strep throat

Many people think that a sore throat and a strep throat is the same. In fact the term sore throat maybe be used as a generic term but the fact is that a strep throat is the more severe sibling of a sore throat. This symptom can occur during various illnesses. You can get sharp throat pain when you have flue, a mild attack of sinusitis. Sore throats can be solved with mild medicines while the strep mostly needs to be solved by antibiotics. There is nothing to worry though if the throat seems better after a dose or two of the medicine. If it still seems to be that there is no improvement at all, you should see an ENT specialist.

There are many ways that we can avoid this symptom in our lives. It usually occurs when the weather changes as well. Here are a few tips to fight the sharp pain in the throat.

  1. Lime, honey (just enough to taste) and vinegar are excellent antidotes to this symptom. The vinegar in this case works especially, dispelling the infection completely.
  2. Drinking warm water can always help as well as drinking a lot of fluids even though you throat aches but it is best that you dont get very thirsty.
  3. Try eating some dish that contains a lot of garlic. Garlic helps cure the sharp pain in the throat because it is anti-viral.
  4. Eating a lot of yogurt does good for those who are suffering from canker soars. The bacteria in the yoghurt works on the canker soar and they disappear in no time. It is also very soothing and cooling for the throat.

There are many other home remedies as well that you can use when you have sharp pain in the throat. The nest idea is that as soon as you start feeling dryness in your throat; expect this symptom to pop up. If you want to avoid it, the best thing to do is to drink a lot of warm water or the lemon vinegar mix. This will ensure that your throat is free of any problems.

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